Summer of 89' in a neighborhood of Baton Rouge, LA nicknamed "The Avenues", would give birth to Courtney Sharpe(Monroe). At a young age, Courtney discovered God's gift to her when she had an affinity for styling and creating edgy and innovative looks. As a preteen, she was cutting and coloring hair all while matriculating through middle school.

After Courtney graduated with her second degree, she became and educator. Although Courtney thoroughly enjoyed her students, a conversation that she had with a complete stranger would resonate within her daily. "What is it that you REALLY want to do?" Courtney had come up to her AVENUE and needed to make a decision. She knew that she had to come for her birthright and accept her innate ability of being a stylist.

Courtney decided that she would have to get out the boat to walk on water stepping out on faith, she enrolled in 2015 to the prestigious Paul Mitchell Partner School for Cosmetology. The sacrifices that she made would prove to be her greatest investment in herself. She would become a master in cutting, coloring, texturing, and doing extensions through hard work and perseverance. While spending her days and nights perfecting her craft, she was also making a way for her greatest creation, her own business.

With an already impressive loyal customer base and the support of her wife, Rolanda "Ro" Monroe, her family, as well as her friends, 2016 will see Courtney open the doors for her first salon, Avenue Reaux. Courtney uses all that she has learned as a published fashion model, make-up artist, and sells woman to compound with her natural gifts for everything hair, to continue to push the envelope with creating looks for her clients. She has been noted as being able to pull out the beauty she sees in you and put it in your mirror.